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Dog Bite Injury Lawyer Philadelphia

Serving Bucks County, Northeast Philadelphia, and Montgomery County

Dogs are often portrayed as friendly, agreeable creatures—bright-eyed, tail-wagging companions, loyal and friendly. However, the reality is that dogs, like all animals, can be extremely unpredictable.

The terrifying reality is that even the best-behaved dogs can be dangerous. Perhaps the dog belonged to a friend or a coworker. It seemed approachable; maybe you’ve petted it once or twice before.

Despite this, there is still a possibility that the animal can lash out and attack. And the attack can be horrifying, especially if you were injured during the attack.

You may not realize it at the moment. The result of a dog attack and any subsequent injuries associated with a Dog Bite can often lead to medical expenses and psychological trauma, regardless of how minimal the attack was. In these cases, you need someone you trust to make your claim for you while you focus on repairing your mind and body.

You need the dependable and experienced Philadelphia Dog Bite Injury Lawyers at Velter Yurovsky Zoftis Sokolson, LLC.

We understand that many factors may have contributed to your Dog Bite Injury and that the laws in Pennsylvania regarding Dog Bites do not always favor the victim. We know that your main priority is to protect yourself and your family. While you take care of them, let us take care of you.

Numerous details need consideration when seeking compensation for a Dog Bite Injury. Pennsylvanian law goes far as to detail what is considered a dangerous dog and what conditions need to be met for the dog owner to be found liable. Here at Velter Yurovsky Zoftis Sokolson, LLC, our knowledgeable lawyers pride ourselves on understanding all the laws' nuanced details so that we can best assist you.

Many factors must be considered when pursuing legal charges against the owner of the dog involved in the attack. If the attack took place on public or private property, if you had permission to be on the property, and if the dog was provoked or not are just some of the crucial factors in determining if the owner can be held legally responsible.

Additionally, depending on the severity of injuries that occurred during the attack because of the Dog Bite, you may be entitled to compensation. Dog Bites can result in puncture wounds and lacerations, broken bones, complications such as nerve and tissue damage, or, in the most tragic situations, even death.

Philadelphia Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you know needs an experienced Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia. We can provide you with the knowledge and support you need to navigate a legal pursuit of a Dog Bite-Associated Injury. Speak with one of our lawyers at Velter Yurovsky Zoftis Sokolson, LLC. We want to make sure the process is fair, and you get the results to which you are entitled. Call our office for a free consultation at (215) 969-3004.

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