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Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Philadelphia

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A Prenuptial Agreement is a form of a contract signed by two parties planning on marriage to specify each of the party's rights regarding property, child support, and other issues in case of the marriage's dissolution, either by divorce or by the death of a spouse.  

Without this document, the division of property and matters of spousal support in a divorce will be left to the courts, resulting in an outcome that leaves both parties dissatisfied. This is why, for so many couples, it is a matter of sheer pragmatic concern that, no matter how strong the belief that the marriage will not end in a Divorce, it's better to agree in advance to provide a favorable outcome for both parties.

Therefore, Prenuptial Agreements are especially advisable in cases where one or both spouses have significant assets or where one is incurring significant debts. Additionally, Prenuptial Agreements can be used in cases where one or both parties have children before entering the marriage to ensure that, in the case of one of the spouses' deaths, their children can directly inherit any property they leave to them.

Whatever your reasoning, it is vital that an experienced Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Philadelphia, PA, mediates any Prenuptial Agreement you reach with your partner.

Prenuptial Agreements vary widely based on the needs of the parties involved in them. According to these needs, the agreement can specify the details regarding a variety of concerns, including:

  • The division of property accrued during the marriage
  • Whether any property preexisting the marriage will remain the sole property of its original owner in the case of the marriage’s dissolution
  • Provisions for estate planning and/or life insurance, in cases where one party dies
  • Inheritance rights for any children preexisting the marriage
  • Agreement to keep any debts separate
  • How property rights acquired during the marriage are to be divided
  • Clauses regarding alimony 
  • Clauses regarding retirement benefits
  • Clauses for one party paying for the other’s education
  • Instructions for the division of assets in a variety of situations

Every case is different, and it's highly recommended, therefore, essential to hire a Prenuptial Agreement attorney who not only knows the law but takes the time and effort required to understand your unique situation to help you and your partner better understand your options.

It’s also important to keep in mind that a court might reject a Prenuptial Agreement’s validity for several reasons. For instance, a court may find such an agreement to be unconscionable (and thus invalid) if it excessively favors one party over the other or finds there to have been a lack of transparencies either in the existence of a party’s assets or in their value.

Acting on your best interests to make sure you can avoid these family law issues through a well-drafted agreement. In the case that they have already arisen, however, you will need the assistance of a skilled Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Philadelphia, PA, to contest the validity of your existing agreement.

Lawyer For A Strong Prenuptial Agreement

Are you entering a marriage and looking to protect your assets and avoid potential disputes? Have you signed a Prenuptial Agreement that you believe is unconscionable and wish to contest? Call the law firm of Velter Yurovsky Zoftis Sokolson, LLC at 215-969-3004 to set up a free consultation with one of our expert Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys. You may also contact our law offices by Email, and we will respond promptly.

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Philadelphia

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